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CleverTexting : A new Mobile Texting Technology makes predictions based on statistical nature
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16 January 2009

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Since each and every one of us owns a mobile phone nowadays; irrespective of social strata, they have virtually become a necessity of sorts for all of us being a necessary evil without which we cannot manage. This particular fact has facilitated development of certain kind of software that can help in enhancing the way we use mobile phones and hence that explains the development of iPhones and smart phones that can replace any desktop with their smart features. There are several programs that aid in formatting SMSs as they are required to be sent as a part of several marketing initiatives. Predicting the text as and when the user is typing an SMS saves time and energy and CleverTexting 1.1 is a program that provides the same features as the memory keeps a track of frequently typed by the user.

CleverTexting 1.1 opens with a neatly assorted interface with the main options placed quite intuitively for easy navigation. The program works as per the phone held in the right or left hand that arranged the alphabets as easiest for the user. The software makes predictions depending upon the characters the user is most likely to type in and consists of a statistical table of actually what is included in the language. These predictions are displayed on the screen and the user can use the numeric keypad without changing any mode and without any hazy approach. The program can work with touch-screen phones as well and also offers the utility for SMS compression with which the user can easily place more text in the same SMS.

Overall, CleverTexting 1.1 certainly offers enhanced techniques to save time and energy in typing similar sounding texts again and again and hence gets a rating of 3.5 points for its utility value.

Publisher's description

A disruptive new Mobile Texting technology we have developed which makes predictions based on the statistical nature of a language instead of a dictionary. Since it is dictionary less, it is extremely lightweight and performs equally well across dictionary and non dictionary words.
You have no friend whose name is "Kltdgw", nor do you live in "Bqilsral", but you could sitting in a restuarant called Sanoba, reading a novel whose heroine is Runatee, or driving a Kozat. These are possible and the vast others, not possible.
It turns out that all the words that we use, whether dictionary or non dictionary lie within a narrow spectrum of popular phonemes and syllables extant in a particular language. Different for other languages, in Poland you would have Grzegorz or Miecszlyslaw and Nyumbizi in Swahili, Africa.
We make the predictions on what characters you are most likely to type next based upon what you have just typed before and armed with the probabilistic statistical tables of what is actually found in the language. This experimental model is providing excellent results in the prototype that we have built. We have called it CleverTexting.
The predictions are shown on the screen and you use the numeric keypad to make the choices, always with a single keystroke. No multitap, no mode change, no disambiguation. That user interface , with no characters fixed to the face of the numeric keypad and dynamic allocation of characters to the keys is also new.
Same software also supports Touch Screen Mobile Phone in which case you choose from the screen directly.
It is a pleasure typing with it because the predictions it makes are always on the mark to aid you type and yet you have complete control on what you wish to enter.
Prototype Java application can be used to compose and send messages.
We also offer on phone SMS compression (as an option before transmission) so you can pack in more text into the same SMS. More details at
Version 1.1
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